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Mutant Star - Analogica
New release on Plusquam records:
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Total Impact (VA)
Following the great successes of Labyrinth Of Your Mind and Passenger, Czech label Mystical Waves Records returns with its third release, Total Impact. Compiled by label owner Ondrej Psyla, this relea
Passenger (VA)
Passenger is the second compilation from Mystical Waves Records, a Czech record label and events organizer. After the success of their first compilation, Labyrinth Of Your Mind, which received a warm
Mutant Star - Forest Keeper
The album released on Multiplex records Kind of dfference Vimana original Tocka Nasa Forest keeper Specific substance Rio grande blood Vimana remix Hippie and LSD(bonus track) available
VA - Cyclotron
VA - Cyclotron (Ektoplazm records 2008) 01 :: GOnDaR feat. Hellenka - Vlny (7:15) 02 :: Wirrareka - Mirrormagick (6:56) 03 :: Leftism - Im Not Sure (7:07) 04 :: Saikozaurus - Memosponga (6:4
VA - Lizard Dance
Kiwa - Helium Troll Scientists - Woon Pradox - Hypno Mutant Star - Karma Irschtas - Death Trap (remix) Electrypnose - Ornic Electric Universe - Electric Tribe Presented by Discothéque d
VA - Bioplex
Gappeq Transdriver Mutant Star Rahatmahatix
Mutant Star - Demimonde
debut album, released by BlissBits Records GmbH, June 2006 1. S.W.T 2. There They Are 3. Granum 550g 4. Sokkuram 5. Dancing Stars 6. Freedom For All 7. Psychedelic 8. Bubonic Lust 9. Peace
VA - Neverending Story
released by Zaikadelic Records, June 2006 1. All Midi Inputs (SPRINTER) 2. Jumping Frogs (MUTANT STAR) 3. Marcian Values (PSYCOBEAT) 4. Texas Hate (XYLA) 5. Coloring The Night (TSABEAT) 6. Sir

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