Mutant Star is a psychedelic trance project founded in 1999 by two members of Demimonde metal band Ankhabut and Afagddu. Love of goa trance and neo-hippie culture was the main reason why they started to compose first psychedelic tracks and founded their own psy project. The project name Mutant Star was chosen according to the same name of Demimonde first studio album which was released in 2000 under the Czech label Epidemie Records. Currently Ankhabut is the only member of Mutant Star while Afagddu recently got back to metal music and is active in Demimonde again. Ankhabut is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Aleppo, Syria living in Prague, Czech Republic. He is artistically influenced by his middle-eastern origins, Arabic music, Goa and psychedelic trance as well as metal and classical music. Nowadays he also listens to reggae and chill-out music and plays guitar and keyboards. Mutant Star studio is equipped with Yamaha and Akai samplers, Korg synthesizer, MOTU sound cards, Access Virus TI2, Roland JP-8080, Nord Lead 2X, B.C.Rich guitar with Digitech GNX3 processor plus various VSTs.


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